I’m still in a funk. I’ve turned into a terrible house wife with no job and no children to take care of either. My mother is well now, so I don’t have to take care of her.

I need to find new clients to build my Owl Fix It Editing Services business. Does anyone have any pointers for me?

I love to read and edit. It’s one thing that helps me bring order to my chaotic world.

What have I been doing with my time otherwise? I’ve been tutoring my nephew after school every day. I actually really enjoy it. He’s learning parts of speech, and I love helping him learn grammar. He loves math, so I try to make grammar seem like the math side to language. It drives him crazy when I say that because he’s so literal. I believe there is a gray side to everything, but he has the black and white side mentality. I think he’ll be a great engineer, which is disappointing because I know he has a awesome imagination.

I love my nephew and working with him. I’m very fortunate to spend so much time with him. My husband even spends time getting to know our nephew. Lately, they have been assembling Lego sets when I’m done tutoring.

Tutoring my nephew reminds me of the years that I taught high school English. I miss the teaching or maybe the interaction with the students, but I don’t miss the rules and regulations from the administration. I couldn’t teach the way I wanted to teach. I remember my students always waited for the answers and were floored when I expected them to find them. I realized that I wasn’t showing them how to be critical thinkers. I was helping to breed a generation of “Regurgitators.” Teaching to the test and lowering expectations was very difficult for me to swallow.

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