Writer’s Groups

I love having a writer’s group to go to each week. They really help me focus on writing. I’m not fast. I’d never be able to handle NaNoWriMo like a boss, but I’m holding my own. I’ve been able to submit each week to my group, so that’s what matters to me.

I’m writing a New Adult Fantasy novel with Romantic Elements. I’ve written 20,000 words so far, but I have the first book plotted out. It will be a four-book series that is going to be awesome. I’m excited.


So if you’re interested in being in a writer’s group, you should see if one is available in your area. I started mine on Meetup.com. First time was in 2013 with a group of eclectic talents that met in Crystal Lake, IL. It’s still operating. Go check them out.

I left the group when I moved to Rockford, IL and started another group. I wanted a group where we could critique each other’s pieces and not worry about publishing yet. We would hopefully work toward that goal together. I formed my group differently than most writer’s groups. I have the group email in their selections two days ahead of time, and then we read the selections on our own before the night we meet. Then we discuss our critiques with each other. We are meeting weekly, which is new for me, but I enjoy it.

One thing I learned from these writer’s groups is that when you get your critique back, set it aside for the 2nd draft, and keep writing your novel. If you worry about the beginning, you will never get very far. I wrote my first four chapters five times before I realized this great advice. I kick myself for that. Learn from the wealth of knowledge available in the writing community. Never stop learning!

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Nicole Fruit

Owl Fix It Editing Services

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