Writer’s Groups

I love having a writer’s group to go to each week. They really help me focus on writing. I’m not fast. I’d never be able to handle NaNoWriMo like a boss, but I’m holding my own. I’ve been able to submit each week to my group, so that’s what matters to me.

I’m writing a New Adult Fantasy novel with Romantic Elements. I’ve written 20,000 words so far, but I have the first book plotted out. It will be a four-book series that is going to be awesome. I’m excited.


So if you’re interested in being in a writer’s group, you should see if one is available in your area. I started mine on Meetup.com. First time was in 2013 with a group of eclectic talents that met in Crystal Lake, IL. It’s still operating. Go check them out.

I left the group when I moved to Rockford, IL and started another group. I wanted a group where we could critique each other’s pieces and not worry about publishing yet. We would hopefully work toward that goal together. I formed my group differently than most writer’s groups. I have the group email in their selections two days ahead of time, and then we read the selections on our own before the night we meet. Then we discuss our critiques with each other. We are meeting weekly, which is new for me, but I enjoy it.

One thing I learned from these writer’s groups is that when you get your critique back, set it aside for the 2nd draft, and keep writing your novel. If you worry about the beginning, you will never get very far. I wrote my first four chapters five times before I realized this great advice. I kick myself for that. Learn from the wealth of knowledge available in the writing community. Never stop learning!

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Happy but Freaking

I finally did it. After all these years of writing, I finally entered in my first writing competition.


I’m so excited, but I’m freaking out too. It will be a long while before I find out anything.


So in the meantime, I’m plotting my novel. I’m starting over again with my writing because of reading Maxwell Alexander Drake’s book on Story Creation. I loved it by the way. I’m excited about this novel, but I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing at this point. I’ve plotted out 20 scenes, but I’m kinda “pantsing” it at this point. Is that okay?

I’m “pantsing” the plotting–that sounds ridiculous.

I’d also like to work on some more editing. If you have a manuscript you’d like copy edited before you send it off to an agent, contact me. Owl Fix It Editing Services is looking for more manuscripts. Check out our website at http://www.owlfixitediting.com


The Importance of Theme

Recently, I read this book by Drake and totally loved it. He made a lot of sense. Plus, he did a great job of using examples that I’ve read or seen. He finally explained how best to write an emotional roller coaster that I’ve always wanted to write.

I realize now after reading Drake’s book that I’ll need to start my novel over and incorporate themes. It won’t be difficult since I was only up to chapter 6, but I was hoping to submit something to my writer’s group this weekend. Instead, I’ll be plotting away, trying to make my story line more dynamic.

I really did love reading Drake’s book. It was a fast read, and his conversational tone made me keep coming back for more. I suggest that every writer read it.



I’m still in a funk. I’ve turned into a terrible house wife with no job and no children to take care of either. My mother is well now, so I don’t have to take care of her.

I need to find new clients to build my Owl Fix It Editing Services business. Does anyone have any pointers for me?

I love to read and edit. It’s one thing that helps me bring order to my chaotic world.

What have I been doing with my time otherwise? I’ve been tutoring my nephew after school every day. I actually really enjoy it. He’s learning parts of speech, and I love helping him learn grammar. He loves math, so I try to make grammar seem like the math side to language. It drives him crazy when I say that because he’s so literal. I believe there is a gray side to everything, but he has the black and white side mentality. I think he’ll be a great engineer, which is disappointing because I know he has a awesome imagination.

I love my nephew and working with him. I’m very fortunate to spend so much time with him. My husband even spends time getting to know our nephew. Lately, they have been assembling Lego sets when I’m done tutoring.

Tutoring my nephew reminds me of the years that I taught high school English. I miss the teaching or maybe the interaction with the students, but I don’t miss the rules and regulations from the administration. I couldn’t teach the way I wanted to teach. I remember my students always waited for the answers and were floored when I expected them to find them. I realized that I wasn’t showing them how to be critical thinkers. I was helping to breed a generation of “Regurgitators.” Teaching to the test and lowering expectations was very difficult for me to swallow.


Writer’s Curse

Writing is my albatross. I want to write. I really do, but I just can’t take the time to do what I love. I feel like I’m starving and need water and writing will replenish me, but I’m cursed.

I was in the writing spirit, but when my dad passed away in a car accident, my water and food ran dry. Finally, I am writing another post on this blog after walking away from this for so long. It’s been so hard finding time to write anything because the accident also put my mother in intensive care for a long time. I’ve been helping my mother recover and getting my father’s estate in order.

Life has been hard to deal with lately. I enjoy the work because it helps distract me, but I’m running out of work. I wish I could edit my thoughts away.  Editing comes natural to me, but writing is something that I love, but never seem to finish. I’m cursed to never finish my own works completely.

So, does anyone know how to get rid of this albatross?

I use to teach British Lit. to Seniors and “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” was one of my favorite pieces by Samuel Coolidge. For the life of me, I can’t remember the end. How does the mariner get rid of his albatross? Does he ever? It’s been over ten years since I taught. Can anyone answer this please?

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