Moving Right Along

So, I’m now half way through chapter 16. Whoo hoo! Just like 30 more chapters to go.

starry dizzy

Yep a lot left to do, but I love it. I have written almost 30,000 words, over 100 pages. My outline is awesome. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I’m really going to like this book.

I know I should be writing then. I will. Just taking a break. I haven’t written a blog in a while so I thought I’d spew out my thoughts on here.

Okay, now what? I wish I could get people to comment on here. No one ever does.

How about those Chicago Cubs?

No, too much.

How about questions about your writing–what are you working on? Are you having any problems? Do you just need encouragement?

On a previous post, I talked about scribophile.com. I went head and did premium and started posting chapters, but no one is touching them. What? I was not expecting that. I’m seriously disappointed. I guess everything is seriously disappointing me lately.

angry emoji

Owl Fix It Editing Services is my company, but I’m still Nicole Fruit the writer too. Contact me. I won’t bite. nicolefruit@owlfixitediting.com or go to my site, owlfixitediting.com.

Thanks for your time!

Nicole Fruit

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So, who’s writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November? I’m working on it! I’ve started plotting a fantasy thriller series, and I’m writing book 1 now.  So far I’m lagging behind. Okay. I’m way behind, but this is my first time doing NaNoWriMo and discovering that I’m so not prepared for this.

How do you do it? My editor in me keeps going back to correct, and I know that is a huge no no in NaNoWriMo. Don’t go back. Keep going. Full speed ahead.

Breathe. Okay. Well, It’s November 7th and I should have 1,667 words written a day. I currently have 5,497 words, but I should have 11,669 words finished by the end of the day today. Yikes.

So I’m behind. Will I make it through this month? Maybe not, but I will try and do what I can.

Wish me luck!